22. February 2018

ZARM, University of Bremen

ZARM, University of Bremen 
TAB Room 2.63 
When:Thursday, 22 February 2018 
Speaker:Dr. Jafar Khodagholizadeh (Farhangian University, Tehran, Iran)
Title:The effect of cosmic neutrinos on gravitational waves

Abstract: We talk about an integro-differential equation for propagation of cosmological gravitation waves in distinct eras where the traceless transverse part of the anisotropic stress tensor includes free streaming neutrinos and antineutrinos which has been traveling essentially without collisions since the temperature dropped below 1010 K. We study the amplitude of primordial gravitational waves concerning the effect of neutrinos. Our results show that the gravitational wave amplitude has been reduced and this reduction is less in the Lambda-dominated era. At the end, we take a glance on the results of the same investigation in a closed spacetime.

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