Summer/Winter Schools


30. August - 10. September 2021

27. "Saalburg" Summer School
When: 30.08.2021 – 10.09.2021


31. August - 11. September 2020

26. "Saalburg" Summer School
When: 31.08.2020 – 11.09.2020

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02. - 13. September 2019

25. "Saalburg" Summer School
When: 02.09.2020 – 13.09.2020

31. March - 05. April 2019


on Physics of Strongly Coupled Systems

Where: Physikzentrum Bad Honnef, Germany
When: 31.03.19 to 05.04.19

Organized by: Dietmar Block (U Kiel), Hubertus Thomas (DLR), Thomas Voigtmann (DLR), Hartmut Löwen (U Düsseldorf), and Claus Lämmerzahl (ZARM, U Bremen) 

Topics and speakers: 

  • Dr. Hubertus Thomas (DLR, Germany) - Complex Plasmas Appetizer Talk 
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Hartmann (Wigner Institute Budapest, Hungary) - Complex Plasmas I: Charging of Particles
  • Prof. Dr. Andre Melzer (University Greifswald, Germany) - Complex Plasmas II: Forces and Confinement
  • Dr. Mierk Schwabe (DLR, Germany) - Complex Plasmas III: Dynamical Processes
  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Egelhaaf (University Düsseldorf, Germany) - Colloidal Dispersions Appetizer Talk
  • Prof. Dr. Rene van Roij (University Utrecht, Netherlands) - Colloidal Dispersions I: Charged Colloids
  • Prof. Dr. Sabine Klapp (University Berlin, Germany) - Colloidal Dispersions II: Driven Colloids
  • Prof. Dr. Clemens Bechinger (University Konstanz, Germany) - Colloidal Dispersions III: Self-propelled Colloids
  • Prof. Dr. Ernst Rasel (Universität Hannover, Germany) - Ultra-Cold Gases Appetizer-Talk
  • Prof. Dr. Axel Pelster (University Kaiserslautern, Germany) - Ultra-Cold Gases I: The theory of cold atoms
  • PD. Dr. Tanja Mehlstäubler (PTB Braunschweig, Germany) - Ultra-Cold Gases II: Ion crystals and their application 
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Hemmerich (University Hamburg, Germany) - Ultra-Cold Gases III: Cavities and optical lattices
  • Prof. Dr. Silke Ospelkaus (University Hannover, Germany) - Hot Topic I: The physics of cold molecules
  • Prof. Dr. Daniela Kraft (University Leiden, Netherlands) - Hot Topic II: Colloidal Molecules
  • Prof. Dr. Markus Thoma (University Giessen, Germany) - Hot Topic III: Polarity switching and rheology in complex plasmas

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10. - 21. September 2018


The 24rd “Saalburg” Summer School


Where: Heigenbruecken, Bayern
When: 10.09.18 to 21.09.18
Participants: Up to 30 PhD students

This school gives PhD students of theoretical physics the opportunity of becoming familiar with a selection of modern aspects and methods in theoretical and mathematical physics. Basic knowledge of quantum field theory, general relativity and group theory is assumed.

Confirmed speakers: 

  • G. Dvali (LMU Munchen & New York University) - p-form gauge theories in physics  
  • M. Hindmarsh (University of Sussex) - Phase transitions in the early Universe 
  • A. Karch (University of Washington) - Dualities in 2+1 dimensions and beyond 
  • S. Theisen (MPI fur Gravitationsphysik, Potsdam) - Seattle Anomalies in quantum field theory
  • K. Zarembo (Nordita, Stockholm) - Localization and holography 

The advertisement poster can be downloaded here.

The registration deadline is 30 June. For application and further information please go to

03. - 07. September 2018

The Black Hole Information Loss Paradox

Where: ZARM, University of Bremen
When: 03.09.2018 to 07.09.2018
Deadline: 05.08.2018
Registration:80 € (including lunch, coffee breaks and a dinner) Link

The aim of this school is to provide an in-depth overview about recent developments in the study of information loss during the formation and evaporation process of a black hole. Starting with a precise formulation of the problem in the first half of the school, various solution proposals will be discussed, with a particular focus on the relation to the BMS-group.

The focus is mainly on PhD-students and the material will be covered in form of lectures and discussion sessions. Related contributions by attendees are also welcome.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Jan de Boer (University of Amsterdam, NL)
  • Marc Henneaux (University of Brussels, BE)
  • Jorma Louko (University of Nottingham, UK)
  • Rainer Verch (University of Leipzig, DE)

Further information can be found here. A poster is available here.


4. - 15. September


The 23rd “Saalburg” Summer School

Where: Wolfersdorf, Thüringen
When: From afternoon of Sunday, 04.09.16 to afternoon of Friday, 16.09.16
Participants: Up to 35 PhD students
Cost: Travel plus 150 Euro
Deadline: 30 June 2017
Topic: The school focuses on quantum field theory, particle physics and (quantum) gravity, but other related areas of theoretical and mathematical physics (e.g. aspects of string theory, condensed matter physics, quantum information) also receive attention.
Lecturer 1: M. Bañados (Santiago de Chile) - Three dimensional gravity
Lecturer 2:L. Covi (Göttingen) - Dark matter, baryogenesis and all that 
Lecturer 3: J. de Boer (Amsterdam) - Entanglement 
Lecturer 4: R. Durrer (Geneva) - Cosmology, where smallest and largest scales meet M. Serone (SISSA, Trieste) Exact perturbation theory

The idea of this summer school is to learn new and old methods relevant to modern theoretical physics, formal as well as phenomenological. This is important especially for soon-to-be postdocs who need to broaden their view and skills in order to be competitive and versatile in changing collaborations. The aim of the school is to provide first hands-on experience with those topics. Accordingly, special emphasis is placed on exercises in small groups, complementing three hours of morning lectures. In the afternoon, the lecturers guide the students through a set of exemplary problems, which illustrate and expand on the main points of the lectures. The atmosphere is informal and lively discussions are encouraged.

Organized by Arthur Hebecker (Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg), Ivo Sachs (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München), Stefan Theisen (Albert-Einstein-Institut Potsdam) and Olaf Lechtenfeld (Leibniz Universität Hannover).

Further information can be found here.

18 - 27 July 2017


The Dusty Universe

Where: Alpbach, Austria
Application deadline: 31 March 2017

This year, sixty European engineering and science students will be chosen to participate in the 41st Summer School Alpbach, a ten day learning opportunity held in the beautiful Austrian Alps. Participants will be engaged in an in-depth learning experience. Over ten days they will attend stimulating lectures on various aspects of space science and engineering and will work intensely within smaller groups to define and design a space mission under the supervision of noted scientific and engineering experts within the field.

The topic of the Summer School Alpbach 2017 is “Dust in the Universe”. Understanding dust, its role in and use as a diagnostic for cosmic evolution has tremendously benefited from space missions covering the electromagnetic spectrum from X-rays to mm wavelengths, and will do so in the future.

Further information can be found here.


26 - 30 September 2016, University of Bremen, ZARM, Room 1730

Summer School "Relativistic accretion: theoretical models and their application to observations"


The Research Training Group (RTG) „Models of Gravity“ organises a summer school on relativistic accretion in September, 26-30, at the University of Bremen, Germany. The main foci of the school are the analytical models, current state of observational data from accretion discs around astrophysical black holes and Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN), and the application of the theoretical models for determination of the properties of astrophysical compact objects from observations.

Confirmed Speakers:

Marek A. Abramowicz, N. Copernicus Astronomical Center, Warsaw, Poland.

Wolfgang J. Duschl, Christian-Albrechts-Universität, Kiel, Germany.

Vladimir Karas, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic.

Odele Straub, LUTH, Observatoire de Paris, France.

 Main Lectures: 

Vladimir Karas: Introduction to Active Galactic Nuclei 

  • Basic facts and ideas about active galactic nuclei 
  • Relevant radiation processes and their time scales
  • Accretion versus ejection: formation of cosmic jets
  • Large-scale magnetic fields around galactic nuclei 

Marek Abramowicz: Analytic foundations of the theory of black hole accretion discs

  • Circular motion in the Kerr geometry 
  • The Shakura-Sunyaev flux formula
  • Shakura-Sunyav and Novikov-Thorne equations
  • Thick discs (Polnish doughnuts) 
  • Advection: slim discs and adafs
  • Transonic accretion 

Specialized afternoon lectures: 

Wolfgang J. Duschl: Accretion Driven Evolution of Black Holes 

  • Underlying physics, models and problems 
  • Ensemble evolution of AGN black holes - what can we learn from it

Odele Straub: Deducing black hole properties from observations 


10:00-12:00   Karas Abramowicz    AbramowiczAbramowicz
12:00-13:00 Lunch     LunchLunchLunchLunch
13:00-15:00Karas    Karas    Abramowicz   Abramowicz   Abramowicz   
15:00-17:00Karas        Duschl        Duschl             Straub   Straub

Registration and Payment

Participation fee: €70 (4 lunches - Tue-Fr - included)

Registration deadline: Monday, 29 August 2016 


Please transfer the amount of € 70,00 to the following bank account:


IBAN: DE 29 2905 0000 1012643046


Bremer Landesbank

Subject: 91162, [your last name, your first name]

After the payment transaction is completed (e.g. the amount shows on our account) you will receive a receipt from us via email which functions as an invoice and participant´s confirmation.


For further information please contact the organisational committee: 

Jefremow, Paul

Schroven, Kris

Witzany, Vojtech


5- 16 September 2016, Wolfersdorf, Thüringen

Foundations and new methods in theoretical physics

This school gives up to 35 PhD students of theoretical physics the opportunity  of becoming familiar with a selection of modern aspects and methods in theoretical and mathematical physics. Basic knowledge of quantum field theory, general relativity and group theory is assumed. Lectures and exercises will be conducted on: 

Lecture Program: 

C. Bender, (Washington University, St. Louis): "Convergent and divergent series in physics"

G. Barnich, (Université Libre de Bruxelles): "BV quantization"

E. Poppitz, (University of Toronto): "Confinement, Yang-Mills, and Super-Yang-Mills"

S. Weinzierl, (University of Mainz): "Scattering amplitudes"

A. Vichi, (CERN Genève): "Conformal bootstrap"


For electronic application and further information please go to

more information

The deadline is 30 June, and further instructions (list of participants, suggested literature) will appear starting July. Participants cover their travel and a school fee of 150 Euro; lodging and food (without drinks) are provided by the school. In 2002, the school's location moved from Saalburg to the hotel Am Kellerberg in the village of Trockenborn-Wolfersdorf, about 20 km southeast of Jena in the foothills of the Thüringer Wald. 

21 - 28 August 2016, Belgrade 

QSPACE Summer school 2016

Quantum Structure of Spacetime and Gravity 

The school consists of lectures accompanied by tutorial sessions, as well as some slots reserved for student presentations. The aim is to provide the students with the necessay background to pursue original research in these and related topics. Students and postdocs from countries participating in COST QSPACE Action are eligible for financial support. 

Lecture Program:

Francois David (Institute for Theoretical Physics, Paris):
"Random matrices"

Catharine Meusburger (Friedrich-Alexander University, Erlangen):
"3D gravity"

Peter Schupp (Jacobs University, Bremen):
"Geometry with fluxes" 

Harold Steinacker (University of Vienna, Vienna):
"Fuzzy spaces and applications"

Dimitri Vassilevich (Federal University ABC, Sao Paulo):
"Spectral triples and related" 

more information


26 - 30 October 2015, Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen

Holography: Entangled, Applied, and Generalized 
The school is aimed at PhD students and young postdoctoral researchers. 

Lecture Program:

Alejandra Castro (University of Amsterdam):
"3D Quantum Gravity: A Survey on Non-Perturbative and Non-Local Effects"

Jelle Hartong  (Université Libre de Bruxelles):
"Newton-Cartan Geometry in Holography and Condensed Matter Theory"

Tadashi Takayanagi (Kyoto University & IPMU):
"Entanglement Entropy and Holography"

In total there will be ten 2-hour pedagogical lectures and three 1-hour
exercise sessions. For more information see the school's website

More information.

Participation is free of charge and the deadline for registration is September 14, 2015.

There may be the possibility (funds are currently being sought) to cover accommodation for a limited number of PhD students and postdoctoral researchers. Those who wish to apply for accommodation support should indicate this in the registration form, which must be submitted by the earlier deadline, August 31, 2015. The school is funded by the Faculty of Science of the University of Copenhagen.

23 - 24 September 2015 

Herbstakademie Physik 2015

"Die allgemeine Relativitätstheorie wird 100 Jahre"

Die Herbstakademie Physik findet traditionell kurz vor den Herbstferien statt und richtet sich an physikinteressierte Schülerinnen und Schüler der Oberstufe. Seit 2003 haben wir uns mit verschiedensten Themen aus dem "normalen Leben" aber auch aus dem "Elfenbeinturm" beschäftigt. In diesem Jahr möchten wir uns mit einem sehr anspruchsvollen Thema auseinandersetzen, der Allgemeinen Relativitätstheorie (ART). Ihre Veröffentlichung durch Albert Einstein jährt sich zum 100. Mal. Wir werden die Zeit zurückdrehen und ausgehend von den Konzepten und Begrifflichkeiten der Speziellen Relativitätstheorie den Weg zur ART nachverfolgen und natürlich sowohl experimentelle als auch theoretische Aspekte der ART beleuchten. Mit dem von uns allen genutzten GPS im Handy werden wir am Ende wieder zum Alltag zurückkehren, denn ohne Kenntnis der Relativitätstheorie funktioniert GPS nicht.

31 August - 11 September 2015

21th "Saalburg" Summer School

The school focuses on quantum field theory, particle physics and (quantum) gravity, but other related areas of theoretical and mathematical physics (e.g. aspects of string theory, condensed matter physics, quantum information) also receive attention.

Lecture Program:

A.N. Schellekens (Nikhef Amsterdam):
"Conformal field theory" 

R. Wald (University of Chicago):
"Black hole thermodynamics"

J. Zinn-Justin (CEA, IRFU and Centre de Saclay):
"Renormalization group: an introduction" 

S. Hollands (University of Leipzig):
"Quantum fields in curved spacetime" 

J.W. van Holten (Nikhef Amsterdam & Universiteit Leiden):
"Dynamical space-time and gravitational waves"

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