18. June 2018

University of Oldenburg

University of Oldenburg, 
Room W2 3-349 
When:Monday, 18. March 2018
14:00 c.t.
Speaker:Prof. Srijit Bhattacharjee  (Department of Applied Sciences Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad
Title:Inner horizon instability of black holes

Abstract: It is generally believed the inner horizon of a charged or rotating black hole in asymptotically flat spacetime is a singular surface. The singularity arises due to the backreaction of blue-shifted perturbation near the inner horizon. Poisson-Israel first studied this back-reaction for a charged black hole and found there is an unbounded increase of the black hole's internal mass parameter - known as 'mass inflation' instability. Ori constructed a simple model of this phenomenon and determined an exact solution in the mass inflation region.
In this talk we discuss the Ori model for charged AdS black holes. We also discuss the nature and strength of the singularity.

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