15. November 2018


Theory Colloquium

Location: University of Oldenburg, Campus Wechloy, W2 1-143  
When:15.11.2018, 14:15 - 16:00
Speaker:Prof. Dr. Ralf Hofmann (Heidelberg)
Title:SU(2) Yang-Mills thermodynamics and its implications for the cosmological model
Abstract:Based on a non-perturbative and largely analytical approach to Yang-Mills thermodynamics and considering the low-frequency excess of radiance in the present CMB spectrum we put forward the postulate that thermal photon gases are subject to an SU(2) rather than a U(1) gauge principle. Implications for the CMB temperatureredshift relation and the dark sector of the cosmological model are discussed. In this context, the local-global H0 discrepancy is reduced to the common use of a U(1) model for CMB photons in parameter fits to the extremely well measured CMB power spectra.

The full announcement can be downloaded here. 


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