10 - 12 September 2018


RTG Autumn Workshop

Location: ZARM, University of Bremen
Time: 10. - 12.09.2018

Confirmed speakers:

  • Martina Gebbe (ZARM, Uni Bremen) - "Atom interferometry on ground and in space" - Abstract
  • Friedrich W. Hehl (University of Cologne) - "Premetric teleparallel theory of gravity and its local and linear constitutive law" - Abstract
  • Sven Herrmann (ZARM, Bremen) - "A test of the gravitational redshift with Galileo satellites in an eccentric orbit" - Abstract
  • Tra-Mi Ho (DLR Bremen) - "How to explore an asteroid with 10 kg: the MASCOT concept" - Abstract
  • Meike List (ZARM, Uni Bremen) - "Fundamental physics in space - The MICROSCOPE mission" - Abstract
  • Zelimir Marojewic (ZARM, Uni Bremen) - "Gravitationally bound Bose-Einstein condensates" - Defense
  • Christian Pfeifer (University of Tartu) - "The Universe as a medium - Observables from modified dispersion relations as traces of quantum gravity" - Abstract
  • Harald Pfeiffer (Albert-Einstein-Institute, Potsdam) - "Simulations of binary black holes and applications to gravitational wave astronomy" - Abstract 
  • Eugen Radu (University of Aveira) - "Spontaneous scalarisation of charged black holes" - Abstract
  • Petra Rudolf (University of Groningen) - "How to keep women (and men) in science" - Abstract
  • Steffen Schön (University of Hannover) - "Strengthening GNSS Navigation with Clocks" - Abstract
  • Kris Schroven (ZARM, Uni Bremen) - "The role of electric charge in the accretion process" - Abstract
  • Rainer Verch (University of Leipzig) - "Unruh effect and Tolman temperature" - Abstract
  • Vojtech Witzany (ZARM, Uni Bremen) - "A critical overview of the theory of accretion onto black holes" - Abstract
  • Gleb Zhilin (University of Hannover) - "A new construction of rational electromagnetic knots
    " - Abstract
  • Sven Zschocke (TU Dresden) - "Light propagation in the Solar System for high-precision astrometry on the sub-micro-arcsecond level" - Abstract

The preliminary program can be found here

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