03. - 04. May 2018

13. Kosmologietag

Where: ZiF - Center for Interdisciplinary Research / Bielefeld University

When: The Kosmologietag starts as usual on Thursday after lunch and ends Friday noon. The obligatory dinner takes place on Thursday evening at "Brauhaus" in the city center.

The workshop consists of mainly contributed talks, complemented by invited overview talks: 

  • Laura Covi (Univ. Göttingen) - Dark Matter: a Cosmo-Astro-Particle connection 
  • Mark Hindmarsh (Univ. of Sussex) - Brighton Gravitational waves from phase transitions in the early Universe

For more information, please, have a look to the Kosmologietag-homepage.

The deadline for submitting talks is April 25, 2018.

D. Schwarz and D. Bödeker (Bielefeld)

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