15. December 2017



Location: Lecture room W2 3-349, University of Oldenburg
When:Friday, 15. December 2017, 12:00 c.t.
Speaker:Kevin Eickhoff (University of Oldenburg)
Title:Axial quasi-normal modes of Neutron Stars in shift-symmetric Horndeski Theory 
Abstract:In this talk I present the results of my thesis on neutron stars in Horndeski theory. I begin with a discussion of the formation and therefore the equations of state for neutron stars. Then I briefly introduce Horndeski theory and focus on the shift-symmetric part. I derive the modified TOV-equations and show the static solutions for a realistic EOS. Afterwards I discuss the perturbation theory in curved spacetime for a Schwarzschild black hole in General Relativity to set the stage. I explain the quasi-normal mode (QNM) formalism for this example and present the results. Next I discuss the formalism for neutron stars with a time-independent scalar-field, derive the respective perturbation equations and present my results. Finally I also find universal relations for the axial QNMs in the shift-symmetric Horndeski theory, which differ from the ones in General Relativity.

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