23 August 2021

Space Science at Droptower SEMINAR TALK

Location: ZARM Bremen - Online seminar
When: 23.8.2021, 17:00 CET - Online

Speaker: Ludovic Ducobu (University of Mons)

Title: A walk through scalar tensor gravity

Abstract: Despite his tremendous success, there are still some unexplained phenomena within General Relativity [GR] (Origin and value of the cosmological constant, Low intensity of gravitational interaction, Existence of singularities within spacetime, Origin and composition of dark matter and dark energy, Accelerated expansion of the universe, ...). Since not all of these problems reduces to quantum correction problems, this motivates the study of (classical) theories of gravitation beyond GR.
One big class of such modified theories of gravity involves an extra ingredient : a scalar field.
In this talk, I will provide a user friendly introduction to scalar tensor theories of gravity [STG] via an overview of different motivations for these theories in the context of compact objects and black hole physics and a glimpse of some interesting classes of STG. If times permits, we could also cover some of the critics and attacks that these models undergo due to modern experimental datas.

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