13 April 2021

Current trends in gravitation Seminar

Location: University Oldenburg - Online
When: 13.4.2021, 16:15 h

Speaker: Daniela Doneva (University Tübingen)

Title: Black holes with scalar hair

Abstract: In a large class of alternative theories of gravity there exist
no-hair theorems according to which a black hole is completely
characterized by its mass and angular momentum. We will review the
possibilities to evade these theorems and to construct a black hole
solution, that deviates from the Kerr one. The astrophysical
implications of such objects can help us constrain the strong-field
regime of gravity. Special attention will be paid to the so-called
phenomenon of spontaneous scalarization that can appear in classes of
alternative theories of gravity that are perturbatively equivalent to
general relativity but a nontrivial scalar field can develop in the
regions of strong curvature of the spacetime.





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