09. May 2019


Location: University of Oldenburg, Lecture hall W04 1-171
When: 09.05.2019, 12:00 c.t.

Speaker: Thien-Sa Tram (University of Oldenburg)
Title: Implementation of an Orbit Propagator in FiPS

Abstract: For ArianeGroup’s Simulation tool called FiPS a Simulink based numerical orbit propagator is to be implemented which takes into account the main orbital perturbations. This orbit propagator was validated using precision ephemeris data of the Envisat satellite and the reproduction of well known effects of orbit perturbation. Using the statistics of roughly 1000 test runs, the error growth was evaluated using ephemeris data of Envisat. Here, a non-linear error growth is observed that reaches around 20m after a simulation time of one day for the Envisat orbit.

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