Associated Group NESTAR

Associated Group: NESTAR (NEutron STAR)
Aims: NESTAR is a group of scientist covering a wide range of topics in the scope of gravitation: General relativity, numerical relativity, alternate theories of gravity, analytic approximations to theories of gravitation, and neutron star physics. Although having different backgrounds, we all want to understand neutron stars better and we all share the zest for action to apply our research to neutron star physics. Our aim is that our diverse backgrounds will guide us in identifying tomorrow┬┤s hot topics. To achieve this goal, we meet approximately every fortnight during lunch time and discuss informally and openly recent topics related to neutron star physics including new publications and ongoing research. Additionally, guest speakers are invited regularly, where we adopted the strategy that two talks are given by a guest speaker - one rather general introduction to the specific topic and one presenting current research activities including also technical details. As our group consists at the moment of 19 members at 7 institutes in 6 cities in 4 countries, we use a video conference software for our meetings. For further information or if you like to participate, do not hesitate to contact Norman G├╝rlebeck or Deborah Aguilera or Jan Steinhoff.

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