A. Aliev, IstanbulBlack hole bomb in five-dimensional minimal ungauged supergravity
X. Calmet, University of SussexQuantum effects in black holes and singularities 
V. Cardoso, Universidade de LisboaTesting the no-hair hypothesis
J. Dexter, MPI for Extraterrestrical Physics, GarchingGRMHD simulations of a black hole shadow in Sgr A* and M87 
D. Doneva, University of Tuebingen Rotating neutron stars in alternative theories of gravity
A. Eckart, University of CologneThe galactic center black hole 
C. Fendt, MPI for Astronomy, HeidelbergHow to make astrophysical jets?
I. Fernini, United Arab Emirates UniversityAGN radio observations of in radio galaxies as quasars
J. Frauendiener, University of OtagoGlobal simulation of the perturbations of a Schwarzschild black hole
V. Frolov, University of AlbertaGhost-free gravity and black holes
S. Giddings, University of CaliforniaSearching for soft quantum structure of black holes with EHT
S. Gillessen, MPI for Extraterrestrical Physics, GarchingThe Galactic Center: A unique astrophysical laboratory
C. Gruber, UNAM, MexicoThermodynamic optimization of a Penrose process: an engineers' approach to black hole thermodynamics
A. Lobanov, MPI for Radio AstronomyProbing black hole physics with high-resolution radio observations 
C. Kiefer, University of CologneQuantum black hole without singularity 
B. Krishnan, Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics, HannoverObservations of the binary black hole coalescence events GW150914 and GW151226
A. Mazumdar, Lancaster UniversityTowards Asymptotically Free Gravity
M. Moscibrodzka, Radboud University Nijmegen3DGRMHD simulations of M87 and Sgr A*
P. Nedkova, Sofia UniversityBlack holes in external gravitational fields
V. Perlick, ZARM, University of BremenThe shadow of Black Holes
C. Rovelli, Aix Marseille UniversitéCould Fast Radio Bursts or Cosmic Rays come from quantum-gravitational black hole tunnelling?
A. Trova, Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, PragueEquilibrium configurations of rotating magnetized self-gravitating tori: influence of self-gravity and the organized magnetic field
H. Verlinde, Princeton UniversityProbing the quantum dynamics of black hole horizons
E. Winstanley, University of SheffieldWhat is the ultimate fate of the charged black hole bomb?
A. Wojnar, University of WroclawEquilibrium and stability of relativistic stars in extended theories of gravity
S. Yazadjiev, University of TuebingenClassification theorems for static spacetimes with a photon sphere
Special Programme
H. GötschelLooking at Physics from a Gender Studies Perspective





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