Abstracts RTG Colloquium, July 9 2014

Prof. Marcus Brüggen (Sternwarte Hamburg)
The low-frequency sky: Opening a new window to the Universe
Abstract: After explaining the challenges and methods of observing the sky at long radio wave lengths, I will present some highlights that await in this largely unexplored spectral window to the Universe. These range from the signatures of the first stars to space weather forecasts and cosmic ray showers. Latest results from the European Low-Frequency Array will be presented.

Prof. Stefan Hofmann (LMU München)
Black Holes in the 1/N Expansion
We consider graviton absorption at the far side of the Schwarzschild surface as a means to represent black-hole interiors in terms of their constituent observables.

Dr. Andrea Boese, DLR Köln
Leveraging female STEM careers: Are we doing the right things? Perspectives on diversity and equal opportunities
Excellence and innovation capability in science and engineering is crucial to the sustainable development of a society. Although we lack a clear global definition of the concept of diversity, it is widely agreed that diversity fuels scientific and technological excellence and innovation. Among the core dimensions of diversity, gender is considered the most important one. Education and science policies identify promoting female talents as a top priority. Numerous programs not only in Germany aim at increasing female interest and participation, but STEM careers are still characterized by the underrepresentation of women. Why do the results often not come up to expectations? Are the messages reaching the target group? Are we communicating the right things? What are the strategic challenges for universities and research establishments and their national and international partners in this context? How is DLR dealing with this topic and what are the personal experiences of the DLR Chief Diversity Officer?

Short CV
Andrea Boese is Chief Diversity Officer and Head of the new Department for Diversity and Equal opportunities at DLR since April 1, 2013. After graduating in Nutrition Sciences in 2000, she worked at the DLR Institute for Aerospace Medicine. As an expert in protein biochemistry she led international, multidisciplinary studies on Human Physiology and supported space missions. In 2007 she joined the Main Department for Strategy and International Relations at DLR, focusing on space policy, exploration and strategic networks. During her secondment to NASA, she worked at Headquarters in Washington, D.C. and Johnson Space Center (JSC), Houston and received the NASA JSC Director’s Innovation Team Award in 2011. Andrea Boese serves as Vice-President of the International Astronautical Federation (IAF) and is an elected member of the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA). She helped establishing the network Women in Aerospace-Europe (WIA-E) and serves as WIA – E Director International Relations. She represents DLR on several advisory boards such as the International Space Exploration Coordination Group.

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