30. July 2018

University of Oldenburg

University of Oldenburg 
Room W2 1-143 
When:30 July 2018 
14:00 c.t. 
Speaker:M.Sc. Omar Jesus Franca Santiago (Institute of Nuclear Sciences National Autonomous University of Mexico)
Title:Green’s function for radiation in planar θ-Electrodynamics

Abstract: We investigate how electromagnetic radiation is modified by the presence of a planar topological insulator (TI). To this end we employ the Green’s function method to find the electromagnetic fields resulting from the interaction between the TI and an external source. This method gives us the Green’s function (GF) in terms of the Fourier’s transverse and frequency transforms. Having obtained an analytical expression for the GF as function of the coordinates, we apply it to a charged particle moving with constant and perpendicular velocity to the TI and study its electromagnetic fields. 
We further analyze plane wave behavior of the GF using approximation methods in the far zone regime. As an application of this approximation, we study the radiation of an infinitesimal electric dipole perpendicular to the TI. We compute analytical expressions for the electric field, the angular distribution of radiated power and the total radiated power, and obtain new effects such as a phase shift due to the TI.

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