RTG Colloquium
University of Oldenburg

Where: University of Oldenburg  
When: 16.05.2018

Confirmed speaker: 

  • Eugenia Buffo (Bremen) - Why do Things Fall?
  • Sourabh Nampalliwar (Uni Tübingen) - Testing Einstein's gravity with X-rays - Abstract
  • Daniela Pugliese (Opava, Czech Republic) - RADs-Ringed accretion disks and the influence of magnetic field in multi-accreting events - Abstract
  • Roberto Tanzi (Bremen) - Quantum Signatures Of Area-Metric Deviations From A Metric

A preliminary program can be found here

A map highlighting the bus stop (Universität), the building  A14 where the talks are being held, the Mensa and the restaurant for the dinner can be found here.

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