11. December 2017


Physical Colloquium

Location: Lecture room W2-1-148, University of Oldenburg
When:Monday, 11.12.2017, 4.15 p.m.
Speaker:Dr. Eva Hackmann (ZARM, University of Bremen)
Title:The influence of charge on the accretion process onto black holes
Abstract:Accretion onto black holes is a fundamental astrophysical process as it gives rise to a large range of observational phenomena. To understand the general physical processes analytical models of accretion play a very important role. Here we consider the influence of charge in the accretion process. On the one hand, we consider a charged perfect fluid around a rotating black hole embedded in a large scale uniform magnetic field and analyse the resulting interesting equilibrium configurations. On the other hand, due to the no?hair theorem, black holes are characterised by mass, rotation, and charge. Although a net electric charge of astrophysical black holes is usually vanishingly small, we show that it may nevertheless have a noticeable influence on the accretion process.

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