25. - 27. September 2019


RTG Autumn Workshop

Location: University of Oldenburg, Room: W16A-004
Time: 25. - 27.09.2019

Confirmed speakers:

  • Zahra Altaha Motahar (Oldenburg, Germany) - "Introduction to multi-messenger astronomy" - Abstract
  • Yves Brihaye (Mons, Belgium) - "Tachyon, Dp-branes and quasi-exact-solvability" - Abstract
  • Ludovic Ducobu (Mons, Belgium) - "Hairy Black Holes & Boson Stars: From shift-symmetry to spontaneous scalarization" - Abstract
  • Kai Flathmann (Oldenburg, Germany) - "Post-Newtonian limit of general scalar-torsion theories of gravity" - Abstract
  • Betti Hartmann (São Paulo, Brazil / Bilbao, Spain) - "Vortices/Strings with internal structure" - Abstract
  • Manuel Hohmann (Tartu, Estonia) - "Gauge-invariant approach to the parameterized post-Newtonian formalism and the post-Newtonian limit of teleparallel gravity" - Abstract
  • Sarah Kahlen (Oldenburg, Germany) - "How to relax the cosmological neutrino mass bound" - Abstract
  • Ute Kraus (Hildesheim, Germany)- "Visualization of Relativity" - Abstract
  • Bettina Langfeldt (Kassel, Germany) - Lecture series "Gender and Diversity in Physics": "Remaining gender disparities in the academic career of physicists – empirical findings and potential explanations" - Abstract
  • Monika Moscibrodzka (Nijmegen, the Netherlands) - "Seeing the unseeable: First results from the Event Horizon Telescope and the physical origin of the asymmetric ring" - Abstract
  • Hector Olivares Sanchez (Nijmegen, the Netherlands) - "Fitting models for the EHT2017 observations" - Abstract
  • Christian Pfeifer (Tartu, Estonia) - "Teleparallel Gravity: Formalism and Predictions" - Abstract
  • Ivo Sachs (München, Germany) - "On non-perturbative tree-level unitarity in gravitational scattering" - Abstract
  • Ahmad Sheykhi (Shiraz, Iran /Oldenburg, Germany) - "Modified Friedmann Equations from Tsallis Entropy" - Abstract
  • Dennis Stock (Bremen, Germany) - "The Hawking Energy in Cosmology" - Abstract
  • Matheus do Carmo Teodoro (Oldenburg, Germany) - "Tidal disruption clouds around boson stars" - Abstract
  • Michael Wondrak (Frankfurt, Germany) - "On Applying the Gauge/Gravity Duality to Physics far from Equilibrium" - Abstract

The program can be found here.

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