23. January 2019

RTG Colloquium
ZARM, University of Bremen

Where: ZARM, University of Bremen 
When: 23.01.2019


  • Marvin Pinkwart (Jacobs University, Bremen) - "On Quantum Spacetime and the horizon problem" - Abstract
  • Björn-Malte Schäfer (University of Heidelberg) - "Weak lensing and intrinsic alignments of galaxies" - Abstract
  • Andrey Shoom (Max Planck Institute, Hannover) - "Metamorphoses of a photon sphere" - Abstract
  • Matheus C. Teodoro (University of Oldenburg) - “Simulations of accretion processes onto boson stars” - Abstract
  • Oleg Tsupko (Russian Academy of Science, Moscow) - “Shadow of black holes at cosmological distances“ - Abstract

A preliminary program can be found here

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