20 October 2020

Current trends in gravitation Seminar

Location: University Oldenburg - Online
When: 20.10.2020, 14:15 h

Speaker: Betti Hartmann (IFSC/USP, Brazil & University Oldenburg & Jacobs University Bremen)
Title: A gravitational hologram

Abstract: I will discuss the idea of using standard General Relativity (and its well-known solutions) to  describe phenomena in strongly coupled quantum field theories. This is often called the gauge-gravity duality or - as a more concrete example - the AdS/CFT correspondence, where AdS stands for "Anti-de Sitter" and "CFT"  for conformal field theory. In recent years, it has been demonstrated that this correspondence allows access to the description of phenomena that can - up to now - not be described with the ``standard tools" of Quantum Field Theory.  I will start by explaining the correspondence from the gravity side, explain its power in describing strongly coupled phenomena and also discuss why this theory is "holographic".

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