Facts & Links

Since the situation and reality for women in academia is still not very widely known and acknowledged, we would like to provide some data on women in research in general, and physics in particular. The information here is either collected and put together for speci c events, or links to other sites providing statistics and publications on the subject.

- Female Physicists of the Past and Present: three posters designed by the
women's representatives of the RTG and the Physics Department for the
"Day of Physics" at the University of Oldenburg, Nov. 2014 (German):
"Physikerinnen der Vergangenheit"
"Physikerinnen in Deutschland heute"
"Wissenschaftlerinnen in und aus Oldenburg"

- Role Model Meeting: presentation used in the panel discussion to provide
some data to base the discussion on:
"Are women contributing enough to their own career advancement?"

- "Numbers, Data, Facts" of the Working Group for Equal Opportunities of
the DPG (German):

- Talk by Sera Marko on how to apply for positions in academia (according to her experiences and point of view):
"How 2 apply 4 stu ff"

- "Science: It's a girl thing!" - Initiative of the European Commission: